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About A-Tech Instruments Ltd.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your Physical and Electrical measurement and control needs. Our Application Engineers help provide and integrate solutions for various measurement and control applications.
A-Tech Instruments Ltd. provides a wide range of products and services such as Sensors, Signal Conditioners, Indicators, Data Acquisition, Simulators and Control Systems, as well as Automated Test Systems.
We also serve a wide range of industries for the measurement of physical and electrical parameters in Research, Development, Process Monitoring & Control.
Sensors offered include strain gauges, load cells, weigh cells, torque sensors, multi-axis force sensors, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, displacement transducers, ( LVDT's, eddy current & capacitance probes, lasers, fiber optic sensors, precision potentiometers, draw wire, laser micrometers ), speed sensors, slope / tilt sensors and accelerometers.
Signal Conditioning types include a wide range of isolators, Inline amplifiers and DIN rail mount modules as well as multi-channel chassis based systems. We have OEM modules for cost effectiveness, custom circuitry specific to system demands, as well as full feature system with programmable features of excitation, filtering, etc.
Indicators and Controllers are available for digital display on a panel or complete signature analysis of Pressing, Torque, Riveting, etc. assembly applications. Equipment for Functional Testing or Quantitative Measurements such as Force vs. Displacement, Torque to Turn, Surface Profiling, Thread Detection, Leak Testing, Weighing, etc., can also be provided as components or an integrated system.
A wide selection of Ohm-Meters, Simulators and Calibrators are also available for precision measurements during the Manufacturing Process or in the Quality Department.
Data Acquisition and Controllers are available from single channel monitoring applications to multi-channel dynamic applications that include calculations and control functionality. We have a comprehensive line of Servo Press and Nutrunner systems that are used extensively in Factory Automation and Process Assembly applications.
We have integrated solutions for Surface Profiling, Dimensional Gauging, Aircraft and Automotive Systems Simulation, Data Analysis, Report Generation, etc., that interface to standard HMI and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). We also have the ability to provide customized Computerized Operator Interfaces that can reside on a Network (LAN) or operate stand-alone or remotely.
We offer the service of integrating Sensors and Instrumentation into portable or standard hardware enclosures. We manufacture cable harnesses, signal interfaces, customized instrumentation and provide complete integrated systems.
We provide a range of product repair, integration, programming and training services that can be customized to the clients needs.
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