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Power Generation - Research & Development and Facility Monitoring

A-Tech Instruments supports the wide range of activities in the Power Generation Industries. There are Sensors and Instrumentation used in the Research and Process Development as well as Data Acquisition and Control Systems.

Our Linear and Rotary Displacement, Speed, Vibration, Load, Torque and Strain Sensors provide Physical Measurements for various feedback in Monitoring and Process Controls.

In the various applications measurements of Level, Pressure, Position, Speed, Vibration, Power Quality, etc. can be measured and controlled using our equipment that provides Signal Processing, Alarming and Data Acquisition.

There are numerous applications from Forebay water levels, Gate position, Wind Speed / Direction, Turbine Speed & Acceleration, Pump Speed & Direction measurement, Vibration, etc.

The applications are diverse, starting with Materials Testing, Product Development and Certification. The operational sensors and instrumentation provide real time data and control capability. To use of Sensors and Data Acquisition are also valuable for vibration measurement and data analysis.

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