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Integrated Solutions

Our Applications Engineers have experience in pairing the correct sensor technology with the appropriate integrated data aquisition & control systems to provide black box solutions to meet our customers demands. These focused solutions have been tailored to incorporate the application knowledge from our past experiences with the newest technologies available, in order to satisfy the ever evolving needs of both industry and research.
Data Acquisition, Control & Analysis
By focusing on test & measurement productivity, imc creates tools which empower engineers to deploy data acquisition and control systems efficiently, meeting the test and measurement challenges of manufacturing and development departments.
Press Force Monitoring & Analysis
Allow us to apply our over 29 years of experience in press monitoring to your assembly applications. Hand, Pneumatic, Air-Over-Oil & Hydraulic presses are compatible with our monitoring solutions, which include sensors & data collection solutions.
Functional Testing & Analysis
We've been providing turnkey Function Test Systems with Monitoring for over 25 years. From valve testing to seat slide exercise we have sensors to fit, cables to connect, controllers & data collection software for 100% inspection and traceability.
Integrated Assembly Servo Press
Coretec's Assembly Servo Press is a cost effective solution with superior force & displacement control, built-in monitoring & data collection. Next-gen Assembly Servo Technology is now in reach, so improve production efficiency and make less scrap
Integrated Nutrunner System for Assembly
Coretec Nutrunners are durable, integrated fastening systems, with torque & angle feedback, signature analysis & data collection. Looking for a superior tightening speed & control, in a simple to program, cost effective package? You’ve found it.
Weighing & Automation
Complete 24 bit weighing controllers with built in powerful digital filters, Integrated web server is standard. There are custom firmware versions to support all your weighing applications. Powerful features are configured via the free PC software.
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