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eNod4-D, Dosing Controller

The eNod4-D offers Defects control: Flow rate and dosing limits. It offers high resolution, fast response and flexible communication.
  • Powerful built in programmable filters for digital smoothing
  • Static, Dynamic measurement
  • Fully configurable with eNodView software (freeware)
  • Operation with or without PLC
  • Standalone or modular
  • Supplies up to 8 strain gauge load cells (350 Ohm)
  • Ethernet/IP and Field Bus
  • Simultaneous HMI & PLC communication
  • Optional HMI-eNodTouch
  • USB link for PC; RS485 for HMI
  • Diagnosis of measurement system
  • Functions for Diagnosis of Measurement / Control System
  • Flow control with built-in PID
  • Web Server for remote support (Ethernet versions)
Manufacturer:  Scaime
Models & Accessories
eNod4-D - Description

The eNod4-D offers Defects control: Flow rate and dosing limits.

It offers high resolution, fast response and flexible communication

Dosing cycle by filling or unloading

- Dosing with 1, 2 or 3 feed rates with Digital Outputs

  • Automatic inflight correction
  • Emptying/ejection control (by filling) or loading control (by unloading)
  • Defects control: Flow rate, dosing limits

4 Digital filtering levels allowing to always reach a quick and stable measurement in noisy environments

Filter types: A/D converter low pass filter; Low pass filter with adjustable order and cut-off frequency; Notch filter with adjustable frequency band; Self-adaptive filter designed for static weighing


  • Capacity:                                           1 channel
  • Layout:                                              DIN rail
  • Accuracy Class:                              0.005%
  • Internal Resolution:                        24 bits
  • Formatted resolution:                    +/- 500,000 PTS
  • High speed measurement            1600 meas/sec
  • CANopen


  • RS485, USB, CANbus
  • 2 I/4 O
  • 4I/4I, 1 Analog output 0-10V; 4-20ma (optional)

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eNod4-D - Models & Accessories
eNod4-DDosing Controller
eNod4-D-SCModbus, CANopen
eNod4-D-EMEthernet, Modbus/TCP
eNod4-D-EIEthernet, Ethernet/IP
eNod4-D-EPEthernet, Profinet
eNod4-D-ECEthernet, EtherCAT
-A option for 4I/4O with analog output, 0-10V/4-
eNod4-D - Downloads
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