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Structures, Buildings & Bridges

An extensive number of Sensors and Instrumentation is available to measure a wide range of parameters from the Environment Conditions, the Structural Integrity and the usage.

The sensors include, Wind Speed and Direction, Temperature, Structural Strain, Tensional Force, Deflection & Displacement, Slope, Tilt and Vibration. The Signal Conditioning includes RTD’s, Thermocouples, Quarter, Half and Full Bridge Strain Gauge, Potentiometer, ICP / IEPE, etc. We have the instrumentation for Wind Tunnels, Load Frames, Test Rigs, Buildings, Bridges, Aircraft Landing Strips, etc. The Waterproof Displacement, Force, Strain and Vibration Sensors provide measurement parameters for most field installations. Specialty Sensors are available with High Temperature and Radiation Resistant materials. Building materials and product certification testing parameters can be accommodated with the wide range of sensors and instrumentation.

The modularity of the Data Acquisition Modules allows for single channel, four channel and groups of eight channel systems, up to 4000 parameters. These modules can be distributed over the length of a bridge, rail track, buildings, trains, etc., with up to 500 meters separation without a repeater module. The Weather Stations can monitor the Environment and the structure temperature can be correlated to the Weather conditions. The data from remote locations can be retrieved for analysis, as needed or automatically. Hourly, Daily and Weekly reports can be created to compare the data and the trends.

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