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Automotive Manufacturing & Research

For over 25 years we've been providing solutions for automotive manufacturing, factory automation, performance research & functional testing. We offer a diverse selection of sensors, as well as integrated solutions for focused applications.

Manufacturing Automation

Partners in Producing the Cars of Today 

The days are long gone when Quality is left to chance, your process is only as good as the measurements you take and the evaluations you make. For the last 25+ years A-Tech has been partnering with industry leading manufacturers and OEM's, helping in producing better cars with greater efficiency.

It was not so long ago when visual inspection was done with calipers and a human eye and part handing was done by a human with gloves. The demands on the modern manufacturing environment is constantly evolving and that means accuracy, precision & speed are in heavy demand. A-Tech constantly scours the globe for the best technologies, then applies them as solutions to meet the ever growing challenges.

Quality control is paramount & cycle time is key. These days no two applications are exactly the same, and a low cost solution that gives you versatile, near instant evaluation & serialized data collection is a fundamental requirement.  

A-Tech has been involved in the wide range of activities that supports the Automotive and Specialty Vehicle industries. This includes Passenger Vehicles, Motorcycles, Electric Bicycles, Light and Heavy Duty Trucks, Buses, Construction Equipment, Timber Harvesting Equipment, Mining and Agricultural Machinery, Recreational Vehicles and Military Vehicles.

Along with a world class portfolio of sensors, amplifiers & process meters we have Integrated Solutions for:

Research & Development

Helping Test the Vehicles of Tomorrow

Whether providing pressure scanners for wind tunnel testing or instrumenting an electric car with accelerometers & tire pressure sensors or logging high speed data with your mobile data acquisition system, we have the measurement solutions that perform in the lab and on the field.  

Modern research requires information for progression, demands the highest quality data & good value . We have a range of high quality Sensors for Noise and Vibration measurements and well as Ride Comfort Testing. This includes Control Systems for Endurance Testing, Performance Testing and Material Fatigue Testing. 

Our capabilities in the manufacturing process cover a wide range of activities with Dimensional Gauging, Press Force Monitoring, Servo Presses, Fastener Torque Monitoring, Nutrunners, Leak Testing, Component Weighing, etc. for Process Control, Quality Assurance and Performance Testing. There are numerous In-Process Tests, “End of Line” Testing and Performance Verification Testing that we can provide. 

Quality Control

We offer Calibration and Verification equipment for Press Force Verification, Weld Probe Force Meters, Torque Verification Meters, Temperature Calibrators, etc. The burster Calibration and Verification instruments provide precise and reliable standards for Electrical and Physical Parameter verification.

Endurance and Life Cycle Testing

There are supplemental tests for Endurance, Performance and Vehicle Quality Assurance, that can utilize our range of Sensors and Instrumentation, as well as our Data Acquisition, Control and Simulation Systems. The Performance and Functional Testing of components and/or sub-systems such as pumps, motors, actuators, hinges, latches, brakes, steering, etc. can be supported with our products and integration knowledge.

In summary our Sensors, Signal Conditioning, Instrumentation, Data Acquisition and Controls are well suited for Development Testing, Structural and Cyclic Testing, Vehicle, Engine and Chassis Testing, Manufacturing Automation, Process Monitoring, Quality Control and Product Performance, Press Fit, Leak Testing, Dimensional Gauging, Torque to Turn and Process Automation.  

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