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About A-Tech Instruments Ltd.

The initiative that started with the need for improved quality and efficiency in manufacturing processes, primarily in the Automotive Industry, quickly transcended to other Industries, Aerospace, Biomechanics, Medical, Special Machinery, and Power Generation.
The core of designers, programmers and technicians provide application engineering and support in the supply of thousands of sensors to OEM clients annually, hundreds of sub-systems for Weighing, Leak Testing, Press and Fastening Operations, and numerous `End of Line` Functional Testers and Cyclic Testing Systems.

A Qualified Equipment Supply Partner, For Today and Tomorrow

Working closely with the various industries, we provide the application engineering, implementation support, operations training and on-going maintenance, that make our customers successful in their various activities.
With the everchanging technologies in Sensors, Instrumentation and Factory Automation equipment, A-Tech Instruments continues to invest in new equipment and technical personnel, balancing proven methods and technics with advancements in measurement and control.
Today A-Tech Instruments in conjunction with Physicom Corp., provides a wide range of products and services, Sensors, Signal Conditioners, Indicators, Data Acquisition, Simulators and Control Systems, to clients throughout North America.
Our Application Assistance can help provide solutions for various measurement and control requirements and support the integration process.
We welcome the opportunity to discuss your Physical and Electrical measurement and control needs.

Systems - Data Acquisition, Control & Simulation

A-Tech Instruments is sensitive to the needs of OEM's that are considering high volumes of components, that have traceable performance certification, and that maximize their value, at the lowest possible cost.
At the other end of the spectrum, we have applications for Robots, Leak Testers, Servo Presses, Nutrunners and Control Systems, that may need unique capabilities, and non-reoccurring engineering services. The measurement and control systems can consist of a handful of measurement parameters or be scaled up to hundreds of electrical and mechanical parameters.
The complexity of these systems and operation, can range from simple Data Collection, to multichannel Closed Loop Control and Simulation using computer generated control functions. There are numerous levels of testing capabilities, that form a bridge between a basic Data Acquisition System and the complex End-of-Line Testers, Dynamometers, Aircraft Iron Birds, Integrated System Test Rigs (ISTR) and Automated Test Rigs.
We utilise a number of Data Acquisition and Control Platforms, with a range of software applications, that can provide modular and scalable solutions. The Data Collection can be complimented with Real-Time Signal Processing, Data Analysis functions and Report Generation scripts.

Inception, 1988 - Born Out Of Necessity

The 1980's was an era of increased demand for better quality product development testing data and the need for improved manufacturing process quality. This was also a time that there was an advancement of microprocessors and integrated analog circuits. These two initiatives collided and drove the need for support during the design, implementation and servicing of physical and electrical measurement equipment.
To satisfy this growing need for supporting advancements in measurement equipment and the integration of the equipment into the development and manufacturing processes, the traditional distributor that supplied the measurement equipment, needed to evolve. The evolution of the supply chain could take the form of a manufacturers satellite office with trained staff or a regional technical representative. Alternatively, the distributors and manufacturer representatives could step up, and invest in the internal technical resources, in the form of staffing, equipment and inventory, in partnership with the manufacturer, to provide a regional support resource, that provides the majority of the clients implementation and maintenance needs.
A-Tech Instruments, from it's inception, strives to provide a level of knowledge on the operation of the equipment we supply and the context, as well as the environment, that we supply it for.
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