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Machine Vision & Smart Cameras

The Smart Camera Platform from Hikrobot is the leader in the industry when it comes to capability, durability and affordability.

Hikrobot Smart Cameras


Machine Vision Capability without the PC


Introducing Hikrobot Smart Cameras, the game-changing brand of cameras designed to revolutionize quality control in automated manufacturing. Our advanced, high-tech imaging solutions deliver all the features of leading smart cameras, but at less than half the cost of our competitors.


Our cameras offer the resolution, lighting, artificial intelligence functionality and evaluation tools needed for the most complex applications, empowering your production line to deliver consistent, high-quality results. Whether you’re looking to streamline your operations or simply improve your bottom line, Hikrobot Smart Cameras are the perfect choice for the job. Discover how our cutting-edge technology can transform your manufacturing process today!

A-Tech is the exclusive distributor for Hikrobot in North America, providing application assistance, preferential pricing, quickest delivery, integration support and warranty claim handling.   




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Best-in-Class Specifications


  • Auto Focus & Brightness Adjustment
  • Resolutions up to 25 MP
  • On Board Computing with Ultra Fast Response Time
  • Up to 30 Programs for Different Part Types & Sequences
  • Multiple Light Sources, Focal Length, Lens and Polarization Options
  • EthernetIP, ProfitNET, Modbus, TCP/IP



A Complete Range Inspection Tools


  • Positioning and Orientation
  • Presence, Absence & Counting
  • Circle, Rectangle, Vertex and Parallel Line Locating
  • Measurement, Calibration Conversion and Defect Detection
  • Identification and Sorting
  • Artificial Intelligence for "No-Teach" Deep Learning
  • Complete Library with Many More Features!!


Deep Learning Algorithm

  • Image Segmentation to Predict Location of Defects
  • Detect Scratches, Abnormal Shapes, Incomplete Contours, Edge Collapse, Dirt, Character Defects & More.
  • Image Classification to Determine the Type of Objects
  • Code Recognition regardless of Position, Angles, Illumination, etc.
  • Simple Collection, Training and Detection
  • Drag and Drop Software UI for Code Free Programming


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Trusted by Global Leaders Across Various Industries



Cost Effective Tools - No Matter the Application



If you are looking for a Capable, yet Cost Effective Smart Camera System, no matter how challenging the application, A-Tech and Hikrobot have a solution for you.  Accurate, Affordable & Available for quick delivery, contact us for quote or Free Online Demonstration.  Compare Hikrobot with any of the competition and see why we know it is the best value Smart Camera Platform on Market!



No Charge Application Assistance


A-Tech will evaluate every application prior to customer purchase and conduct a Proof of Principle

Machine vision is a nuanced field where a smart camera’s worth is determined by its capabilities and consistency. At A-Tech, we provide no-charge application development services to assess our smart cameras’ performance with your specific needs. This proof of principle approach ensures you take no risk before purchasing.


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Let us Help Reduce the Execution Risk!

  • Help to Identify and Develop your Specific Machine Vision Requirements
  • Conduct a Proof of Principle Bench Test Using your Actual Parts
  • We Take Photos from Any Source and Test the Evaluation Tools
  • Based on Testing Results, Suggest the Correct Camera's
  • Conduct a Review of the Results Achieved through Testing
  • Provide Full Confidence in the Purchase of the Equipment


Example Applications 


Deep Learning for Retaining Clip Installation


Deep Learning for Retaining Clip Installation. where the Customer was looking for correct installation of the retaining clip.  There are many OK angle/positions possible, as long as clip is fully inserted. By Training the Smart Camera on Good and Bad Pictures, the SC3000 series or higher can determine if the clip has been installed correctly. 




Cable Harness Inspection using AI


As the cable harness is fabricated and the connector is crimped on by the customer's machine, a MV-SC3016C is able to detect when there are wires that are not fully inserted into the harness.  This was trained using the Defect Detection AI Training, where up to 20 good and 20 bad pictures can be taken to provide the AI model training.




Presence/Absence of O-Ring


Simple Color or Contrast measurement can be performed with the cost effective MV-SC2016, and can easily be set up to to count the number of pixels match a color in the desired region of interest ROI. 




Angle Verification for Electronics Installation


Verification of the installation angle of a connector onto a PCB board.  If it is not installed correctly, the whole board assembly will not fit into the housing. By using the Line to Line Angle Tool, the Angle can be detected from two surfaces and held between high and low limits for simple evaluation to an accuracy of 0.1 degrees or better.




Thread Detection


In this application, we can use Pattern Recognition to identify the Thread patterns and the Smart Camera will automatically detect any threaded holes that are within the field of view. The picture below shows the two threaded holes in the orange detection area.



Porosity Defect Detection


The part below is being checked for porosity, and the camera detects any minor porosity.  This is exceptionally challenging when the surface is not machined or uniform. However, the Spot or Blob detection feature can easily be implemented by identifying the area of interest and choosing the right tolerance for the allowable size of spot. 




Needle Sharpness Inspection


After a surgical needle is precision crafted, it gets handled in other processes before packaging.  With 25 MP and telecentric magnifying lenses, deformities that occur can be clearly seen and held to micron level tolerances. A final check on sharpness is made using simple line searches and setting a tight limit on maximum allowable deviation from a best fit line.  




 OCR On Door Checker Assembly


The door checker assembly needs to be verified for proper orientation before the pin
insertion or else the whole part is scrap. Challenge is letters are extremely small and camera needs to be mounted far away in
existing machine. By Using 20 MP camera with appropriate lens and OCR function with AI capability, the
smart camera can provide feedback for the correct assembly to the PLC.




Weld Inspection


When checking for weld inspection, there are two levels of evaluation approaches.  Simple Color or contrast measurement for simple detection of presence/absence of the weld.  However, if there is varying types of weld qualities that can be are acceptable and some interpretation is necessary, there is Deep Learning Defect Detection where good and bad pictures are taught to the vision system. 




OCR with Poor Print Quality


Many camera systems struggle when the printing is inconsistent.  It is especially difficult to read when when its lighter printing. Using SC3016 (1.6 MP) with polarized lens and OCR, proper poka-yoke was implemented.


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