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Measurement & Control Applications

A-Tech Instruments Ltd. is a long trusted name in measurement instrumentation, with over 25 years of experience in a wide range of industries from Automotive Manufacturing, Power Generation, Oil & Gas Production to areas of research like Biomechanics, Structural Engineering, Aerospace and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Testing. Whether it’s a simple measurement chain or complex integrated system, A-Tech's goal is to provide the best solution for the application. Browse our application notes to view some of our successful approaches to dealing with challenging customer applications.
Automotive & Vehicle, Research & Manufacturing Automation
For over 30 years we've been providing solutions for automotive manufacturing, factory automation, performance research & functional testing. We offer a diverse selection of sensors, as well as integrated solutions for focused applications.
Aerospace & Defense, Research & Production Testing
A-Tech has a wide range of Sensors for Pressure, Gauging, Position, Force, Torque, Speed and Vibration as well as Indicators, Calibrators, Simulators, Data Acquisition, Pressure Scanning Systems, Load Control Systems and Simulation Test Systems.
Power Generation - Research & Development and Facility Monitoring
A-Tech Instruments supports the wide range of activities in the Power Generation Industries. There are Sensors and Instrumentation used in the Research and Process Development as well as Data Acquisition and Control Systems.
Sensors & Instrumentation for Testing of Materials, Structures, Buildings & Bridges
An extensive number of Sensors and Instrumentation are available to measure a wide range of parameters from the Environment Conditions, the Structural Integrity and the usage.
Rail & Heavy Machinery
We have a wide range of Physical and Electrical Sensors, Electrical Circuit Interfaces, Instrumentation and Data Acquisition for the Rail Industry and Rotating Machinery.
Biomechanics Research & Clinical
A-Tech is highly motivated to provide research facilities with biomechanics measurement solutions, which include Motion Tracking Systems, Force Platforms, Instrumented Treadmills, Instrumented Floors, Data Acquisition System, and EMG Systems.
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