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Sensors & Transducers

A-Tech Instruments Ltd. has a complete offering of sensors to meet your application requirements, regardless if you are building a production bushing press, a functional end of line tester or a prototype test stand. A-Tech Instruments Ltd. has a complete offering of sensors to meet your application requirements. We carry a wide selection of sensors to measure load, pressure, displacement, acceleration/vibration, angle, torque, etc.

Pressure Transducers & Scanners
Looking for quality pressure measurement? Whether you need low cost or high accuracy, static or dynamic, single sensors or high density pressure scanners, we have the right fit for your application. Let our Application Advisor get you there quicker.
Load Cells & Force Transducers
We offer quality strain gauge and piezo-electric load cells in the styles that fit. Allow our Application Advisor to quickly find the right force sensor with the output you need, whether you're measuring milli-grams or a hundred tons.
Torque Transducers
Turn the odd of success in your favor and align yourself with quality sensors for your torque measurements. Our Application Advisor quickly filters our diverse offering, using your specs to find the right torque sensor to meet your requirements.
Linear Displacement Sensors
We go the distance with our displacement sensors and gauging instruments. Our Application Advisor will help you find the technology for your application. LVDT's or Potentiometers, Draw Wires or Ultrasonic Sensors, we only carry quality sensors.
Rotary Displacement & Angle Sensors
For rotary displacement & tilt measurement, we have all the angles covered. Our Application Advisor helps you select from our deep offering, which includes potentiometric and Hall Effect turn shaft, as well as ASM's non-contact magnetic technology.
Speed Sensors
We'll get you moving Full Speed ahead with our precision Speed Sensors & Controllers. We use period counting instead of pulse counting to get rotary speed feedback faster. Learn more about how we get the best speed measurements.
Accelerometers & Vibration Sensors
Avoid starting your project off on shaky ground by using quality Dytran Instruments Accelerometers to get reliable measurements. We offer single axis, multi-axis, high temp versions, and the mounting options, using piezo and capacitive technology.
Level Sensors & Probes
Our comprehensive catalog of level sensing solutions applies Ultrasonic, Capacitive and Pressure based pricinples to achieve accurate and consistent measurements. Our diverse offering makes it impossible for the competition to get on our level!
Fiber Optic Strain, Tilt, Temperature & Extensometers
The Fiber Optic Sensors & Instrumentation can be used in a wide range of applications, from bridges and buildings, to wind turbines and power plants, to Motors, Generators and Batteries.
Strain Gauges & Sensors
A-Tech offers 1/4 & 1/2 Bridge Foil Strain Gauges, as well as, Glue-on, Bolt-on and Weld-on Strain Sensors
Connectors & Cable Assemblies
A-Tech uses quality connectors and wire in the fabrication of cable harnesses for the sensors and instrumentation that we offer. These can be Military Specification (MS) connectors or Industrial Grade components.
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