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Turn-key Servo Press Stations

Coretec Servo presses are known for their precise control of force and position, high operating speeds, and low energy consumption. These machines are customizable and used in a variety of manufacturing applications.

Complete Press Solutions using CORETEC Servo Presses

Servo Presses are becoming more common for press applications because of their superior force and position control, fast speeds & low energy consumption (almost 1/5th of a hydraulic press). 

The CORETEC Multipress features are customizable to meet your application demands and feature the best value Servo Press on the market, with an embedded load cell for force feedback, simple programming, and comprehensive signature analysis. 

Applications Include:

  • Insertion of Bushings, Plugs, Snap Ring, Pins, Seals, Valve Seat and Guide
  • Forming of Powders, Bushings and Rivets
  • Terminal and Sheet Metal Bending
  • Swaging, Bending and Throtlling of Pipes
  • Punching, Staking, Die Cutting and Retaining
  • Ultrasonic, Friction and Heat Welding


What's included with a CORETEC Multipress?

Designed to Fit Your Application


Increase Production and Improve Quality Control

Full Safety Compliance with Light Curtains, Tie Downs, etc.

Full Touchscreen HMI with Customizable Screens

Barcode and QR Code Scanners for Full Traceability

Custom Sequencing for Multiple Operations

Flexibly Designed for Up to 99 Part Types



Press Ranges for All Applications


Force Ranges from 2 to 100 kN (4,500 to 22,500 lbs)

Stroke Ranges up to 400 mm (12 inches)

Speeds Up to 320 mm/s (12.6 inch/s)

Load Control with a Repeatability of 0.5%

Position Control with a Repeatability of 10 um (0.00039 inch)



 Built-in Signature Analysis


100% Inspection and Quality Evaluation

 Numerical Limits for Force, Displacement & Speed

Up to 32 Envelopes

Up to 4 Windows for Entry/Exits​

Collect Part & Serial Numbers

Automatically Save all Data



A Complete Solution with Simple Programming, Superior Control, Signature Analysis, Data Storage & Safety Compliance.

Unbeatable Precision, Value and Price

At A-Tech Instruments, we integrate the latest technological advancements to deliver not just a press, but a promise of quality, affordability, and precision. Each press stand is custom-designed to meet the unique needs of your manufacturing processes, ensuring a perfect fit for your requirements.

How can A-Tech deliver so much value in a Press Stand?

Our secret lies in our commitment to innovation and efficiency. The CORETEC Servo Presses are designed with a focus on reducing operational costs while maximizing performance. We optimize every aspect from design to delivery, ensuring you get superior quality without the premium price tag. Our efficient production processes and strategic sourcing allow us to pass savings directly to you, making our presses the best investment for your manufacturing needs.


CORETEC also sells Servo Press Tools for Assembly Lines

If you are looking for Servo Press Tools that are Accurate, Affordable & Available for quick delivery, contact us for quote or Free Online Demonstration.  Compare Coretec Servo Presses with any of the competition and see why we know it is the best value Assembly Servo Press on Market!

A Solution to Fit the Most Demanding Applications!

The Power is in the Coretec Multicontroller P

The Coretec Multicontroller P epitomizes innovation in servo press control, packing a comprehensive range of features into a compact, user-friendly device. This advanced controller streamlines setup by connecting directly to a power source and your servo press, readying it for immediate operation. Designed for versatility, it integrates seamlessly with any Coretec Servo Press, ensuring flexibility across various manufacturing applications.

Key Features of the Multicontroller P

  • Flexibility to Integrate with any Coretec Servo Press: The Multicontroller P is designed to be universally compatible with any Coretec Servo Press, offering a versatile solution for various press applications.
  • Servo Controller, Fully Featured HMI, PLC, and Safety PLC: It combines multiple control functions into one unit, providing a comprehensive control solution that includes a Human Machine Interface (HMI), a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), and a Safety PLC.
  • Expandable I/O and Communication for Additional Automation: The Multicontroller P is equipped with expandable input/output terminals and communication options that support additional automation components. This includes integration with peripheral devices such as solenoids and sensors, enhancing its adaptability and functionality in complex setups.

Examples of Use in Combination with CORETEC's AC Servo Presses

The versatility of the Multicontroller P extends to its ability to pair effectively with different types of CORETEC AC servo presses. Whether it's a C-Shape Frame, a Four-Column Frame, or other custom setups, the Multicontroller P can be integrated to enhance functionality and performance.

System Configuration




Easy Creation of Operation Patterns: Setting up your servo press becomes a straightforward task with the Coretec Multicontroller P. Place your workpiece, enter a few key values, and begin your press operations slowly. The controller allows you to develop an operational program based on the data gathered during these initial steps, ensuring optimal performance tailored to your specific needs.


Newly Designed Operation and Settings Screens: The interface of our multi press touch panel has been redesigned for improved efficiency and usability. The new layout facilitates a straightforward approach to navigating controls and adjusting settings, enhancing operational clarity. This update promotes quicker access to functionalities, enabling precise control and streamlined workflow in press operations. The interface now offers clearer visual feedback and responsive adjustments, which are essential for precise and effortless control during use.



Proudly Assembling Parts for the Following Companies

A True Testament to Japanese Innovation and Quality in Manufacturing!

Our Servo Presses are a testament to the excellence of Japanese manufacturing. Each component is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring flawless operation and longevity. From the precision engineering of the servo motors to the robust architecture of the press frames, every element reflects our commitment to quality. Experience the best with A-Tech Instruments.

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