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Electrical Testing

A-Tech Instruments Ltd. is a veteran of the measurement industry. We provide Calibrators and Trasducer Simulators with full ISO accreditation, to aid your in house calibration and maintenance needs.

Signal Simulators
Our precision simulators are accurate & dependable, with outputs for PT100's, Thermocouples, Voltage, Current, Strain Gage, Resistance and IEPE Sensors. Go with quality when simulating sensors for system validation, you can't afford fake it.
We offer precision calibrators for validation of Ohmmeters, Thermocouples, Strain Gages, Pt100's, Current and Voltage Inputs. When versatility, accuracy and portability are top priority, A-Tech Instruments sets the standard for transfer standers.
Whether measuring ranges of Milliohms to Teraohms our Ohmmeters offer a value proposition you can't resist. Burster Precision Ohmmeters feature best in class accuracy, while delivering fast Pass/Fail results over a variety of different interfaces.
Decade Boxes
A-Tech carries only the highest precision decade boxes with manual and computer based selection. Whether performing temperature sensor simulation, resistance simulation or ohmmeter calibrations, trust the Burster name for the highest quality.
Precision & Shunt Resistors
Whether performing shunt calibrations, current conversion or bridge balancing our highly stable, 0.01 class resistors offers precision that is unmatched by standard off the shelf resitors.
Voltage & Current Transducers
High-precision Voltage and Current Transducers, signal conditioners & transmitters for demanding applications and maximum reliability. Fixed functionality and universal signal conditioners for measuring voltages and currents with galvanic isolation.
Battery Testers/Analyzers
Traceable recording, evaluation and analysis of quality-related electrical parameters.
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