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Machine Vision & Smart Cameras

Hikrobot is an industry-leading company providing state-of-the-art machine vision solutions to revolutionize business operations across numerous sectors. Pioneering the fusion of cutting-edge technology with practical applications, Hikrobot aims to empower businesses to achieve greater efficiency, quality control, and overall productivity.

Central to Hikrobot's machine vision solutions are their high-tech Smart Cameras, built to handle a wide array of inspection and monitoring tasks with utmost precision. These cameras are equipped with robust, high-resolution imaging capabilities to capture the finest details with clarity, ensuring superior quality control in every process.

Vision Sensors & Smart Cameras
Our Vision Sensors and Smart Camera Systems are well suited to perform Visual Inspection Tasks and automate quality control. Shape Measurement, Color Detection, Pattern Recognition and AI Deep Learning can be applied to determine OK or NG results.
Smart Cameras
Smart, sometimes referred to as an intelligent camera, combines a camera, processor, and software into one compact device. These cameras can handle more complex applications and process larger amounts of data than vision sensors.
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