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Signal Conditioners, Transmitters & Indicators

A-Tech Instruments Ltd. has a wide selection of signal conditioners, amplifiers and digital displays, isolators to meet your application requirements. All signal type from strain gage to lvdt, pententiometer to accelerometer, voltage to current loop, we have solutions ideal for single channel to large channel count measurement systems.

Reasons to use signal conditioners:

  1. isolation to prevent ground loop and associated ground noise
  2. signal amplification
  3. sensor linearization
  4. isolated current or voltage excitation to field sensors
  5. noise filtering or band pass frequency selection
  6. cold junction temperature compensation
  7. simplified wiring and maintenance
In-Line Conditioners
We have the several of In-Line Amplifiers for LVDT's, Strain Gage, Potentiometers and Charge Mode Sensors with the outputs that best fits your data acquisition system.
DIN Rail Mount Conditioners
Our comprehensive range of DIN Rail Amplifiers, Signal Conditioners & Transmitters for all sensor types, with up to 3-way isolation. A wide range of the features & specifications are ready to meet your project needs.
Modular Conditioner Systems
A-Tech has the Modular Signal Conditioners to amplify your sensor capabilities, process various signals & isolate for optimum performance. Our Application Advisor filters by signal types & form factors, finding a fit for your requirement.
Desktop & Rack Mount Conditioners
Our desktop and rack mount amplifiers/signal conditioners are the right fit for your Industrial and Laboratory applications. Whether you are amplfying sensors, converting or isolating signals, our diverse selection is sure to have a solution for you.
Telemetry Systems & Wireless Sensors
Extreme miniaturization, flexible adaptation and an undisturbed wireless data transmission even under harsh environmental conditions, are the most significant features of our telemetry systems.
Digital Displays
We provide a range of Digital Indicators for mV, ma, DC Voltage, Vrms, Serial communication, etc. as well as HMI interfaces
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