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Noise & Vibration Solutions

Sensors & Instrumentation used by design and test engineers as well as quality control and maintenance staff to test and measure vibration, acoustics, pressure, force, load and shock in research, development, certification and quality assurance.

ACO Pacific Microphones

Serving the needs of End-Users and OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Our OEM’s include many instrumentation and process control manufacturers, large and small. Our End-User’s include the Automotive Industry, manufacturers and designers of loud speakers, computer peripherals including disk drives, printers and systems, heavy equipment, auto parts - transmissions, tires, brakes and engines, regulatory agencies, consumer organizations, universities, aerospace and government agencies. 

Uni-axial Accelerometers

These piezoelectric accelerometers are well suited for small and light test objects. These Sensors utilize the piezoelectric principle that provides sensors with a high resonant frequency, wide dynamic range for high acceleration and low vibration. All this performance with the same sensor.


Sub-Miniature & Miniature Accelerometers         Miniature Clip-On Cube                          OEM, Charge or IEPE mode

                 General Purpose & Industrial          High Sensitivity with 200g over-range        High Temperature Sensors         

Tri-axial Accelerometers

Triaxial accelerometers are intended for simultaneous measurement of vibration in three perpendicular axes. The wide selection of accelerometers, (Miniature, Industrial & High Sensitivity), provide a wide range of capability for light test articles and well suited for modal analysis, for example. There are sensors for applications such as building vibration, wind turbines sway / unbalance, bridge vibration and other large structures, that require high sensitivity measurements in conjunction with low noise. Models are available with a threaded mount for easy attachment and convenient axis alignment. 

         Miniature Cube & Flat Pack                                Industrial & General Purpose                                  High Sensitivity, 500mV/g

Mounting and Cable Accessories

We provide standard products needed to mount and connect these accelerometers to your Instrumentation. 

                          Uni & Tri-axial Mounts                                                                                 Connectors, Cables & Junction Boxes

Amplifiers, Signal Processing and Data Acquisition



In-Line, Single Channel, Multi-Channel & Rack Mount

Vibration Monitors and Signal Processors

Portable, DIN Rail Mount and Complete Structural Vibration Systems


Vibration Monitor and Reporting Software

 Sensors and Instrumentation for specific applications, convenient, precision and cost effective.


     Building Structural Vibration,                               Hand-Arm Vibration,                                            Body Acceleration Measurements

Vibration Sensor and System Calibrators

These Calibrators have some unique features such as a high payload and variable vibration frequencies.

  • Rapid and easy calibration of vibration measuring systems
  • Models with fixed & selectable (70 Hz to 10,000 Hz available)
  • Measurement of frequency response
  • Built-in signal conditioner with transducer sensitivity display
  • Built-in battery for mobile use, 11 to 18 VDC
  • Traceable to PTB standard
  • Available PC control via USB or ASCII command set

Vibration Signal Generator 

The IST-300 vibration calibrator verifies the system logic and safety functions of vibration protection systems by simulating vibration signals, and providing 2 variable frequencies, amplitudes and offsets.


The IST-300 is capable of simulating signals like axial displacement, acceleration and velocity vibration signals (2oo2 testing). The 2-channel vibration calibrator is compact and easy to use. The tool sends out a pure sine wave with programmable amplitude, frequency and offset. Signals can either be send through field wiring or directly to the vibration protection system. The IST-300 is a fast and reliable tool to verify the system logic and safety functions of vibration protection systems. The IST-300 is suitable for virtually any vibration protection system with voltage inputs.

Vibration Hardware and Software combinations

imc WAVE Software for Measurement, Display and Analysis of Noise and Vibration

Noise and Vibration (NVH) Starter Systems, with 2 channel USB Data Acquisition System, connected to a Dynamic and Powerful software application.

Structural Vibration Analysis Force and Vibration Hammer Package. Ready-to-go analysis functions such as FFT, order tracking, modal analysis, third-octave analysis and many more will provide finished results.


The imc Wave provides Order Tracking of mechanically induced vibration from rotating machinery, combined with the flexible and powerful Portable hardware, 8, 16 and 24 channel Systems.


This hardware will accept a wide range of inputs - IEPE Sensors, ¼, ½ & full Bridge Strain Gauges, Vdc, mA, Temperature, RPM, Frequency, Encoder and Digital Inputs.

The hardware and software are used in a diverse range of applications, vehicle, test stand, monitoring equipment and machinery. Our test and measurement systems are easy to operate and will help you become more productive and profitable.

  • Direct input of vehicle bus systems such as CANbus, FlexRay, LINbus and other vehicle busses
  • Data Communication with external devices via Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherCAT, RS232, RS485, ...
  • Durable, compact hardware for road tests (no PC needed), extended temperature range, shock & vibration proof)
  • Decentralized, distributed measurement devices with networked synchronized data
  • Quick, Repeatable and Reliable measurement data, integrated hardware and software
  • Real time calculations integrated into the measurement device
  • TEDS capability - automatic sensor input
  • Your partner for measurement design, application engineering, data acquisition & data analysis


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