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Biomechanics Research & Clinical

A-Tech is highly motivated to provide research facilities with biomechanics measurement solutions, which include Motion Tracking Systems, Force Platforms, Instrumented Treadmills, Instrumented Floors, Data Acquisition System, and EMG Systems.

A-Tech supplies physical and electrical measurement equipment to the Biomechanics Industry. Our measurement solutions include AMTI Platforms, Instrumented Floors, Instrumented Treadmills, EMG systems, and Motion Tracking and Scanner Systems.


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AMTI Platforms, Instrumented Floors, Instrumented Treadmills.

AMTI currently design and manufacture the industry standards in force measurement devices, orthopedic implant testing machines, and specialty instruments. AMTI products can be used for biomechanics, engineering, research, orthopedics, prosthetics, and general industry uses. AMTI products have all been specifically engineered for biomechanical applications and manufactured under the ISO 13485, 17025 & 9001 accredited quality management systems.

AMTI products include:

  • Portable and mounted platforms
  • Six-axis force sensors
  • Force sensor treadmills
  • Computerized dynamic platforms
  • Force plate-mounted stairs
  • Instrumented walkers, canes, and crutches

                                                OPTIMA: The only force plate to conform to ASTM F3109-16

AMTI Optima-HPS and Optima-BMS series platforms are raising the bar for force platform performance. Our patented technology meets the new ASTM F3109-16 standard for accuracy across the entire platform’s working surface and sets an unprecedented technological standard for gait and biomechanical force measurements systems.


    Multi-Axis Force Sensors                 Biomechanics Force Platforms                              Instrumented Treadmills                      5-Axis Force Simulator       


Noraxon EMG, IMU and Motion Capture systems

Noraxon is a world leader in high performance Electromyography, IMU sensors,  and a wide range of physiological and biomechanical sensors used in virtually all types of movement measurement studies in research, Rehab, Sports performance and education.

Noraxon products are complete Biomechanics measurement systems that are reliable, easy to use, and provide value for researchers and clinicians. The Ultium EMG systems are the leader in wireless EMG and combine with Ultium IMU and Ninox Motion Capture cameras and force platforms to round out a complete integrated lab system

The myoRESEARCH® software is modular providing simple testing & future growth potential

  • Synchronize multiple assessment technologies
  • View data in Real Time
  • Perform on-Line and post measurement signal processing
  • Customize Reporting
  • Biofeedback visual displays



3D Optical Motion Capture with Motion Analysis

Motion Analysis provides a 3D Optical Motion Capture system that is used in Biomechanics movement analysis, Animation and virtual reality as well as robotics and broadcast applications. The 3D optical system is powered by the powerful CORTEX software package that combines capture, Display, Analysis and report generation in one, easy to use interface. The cameras provide high-quality, extremely accurate, low-latency digital tracking. These are field-upgradeable and can be mixed and matched to meet your motion capture needs.

Motion Capture examples in Sports Performance & Rehabilitation

Motion Analysis Corp. Motion Capture in Volleyball & Sports Performance 


Human Vibration Measurements & Analyzer – 4 Channel

  • For Hand-Arm vibration to ISO5349 and ISO/TR 18570, and whole-body vibration to ISO2631.
  • Acceleration, velocity and displacement
  • Display of running and interval RMS, maximum RMS (MTVV), vibration dose value (VDV), vector sum, peak and maximum peak value
  • 3-channel FFT for the detection of primary frequencies
  • Memory for saving measurements and Data logger function for RMS or peak values
  • USB interface for data transfer to a PC
  • Excel macro for the calculation of daily exposure A(8) and report generation

Human Vibration Hardware & Software for PC Based Hand-Arm Vibration Measurements

  • Measurement of hand - arm vibrations to EN ISO 5349:2001
  • One, two or three axes possible
  • Measuring duration from 1 minute to 1 day
  • Good / Bad evaluation of the results
  • Results are stored in a calculation sheet for the daily exposure A(8) which may include several activities, with Excel export function



Seat Pad Triaxial Accelerometer - Hardware, Software and complete solution

The The Seat Pad Accelerometer Model KS963B100 was developed for measuring whole body vibration transmitted by driver seats of building machines and other vehicles in compliance with ISO 10326-1 and ISO 7096. The sensor has an IEPE output for robust signal transmission.

The Sensor is available with the PC Based Whole-Body Vibration Measurement System ( VM-Body ) with USB A/D convertors and Software that provides the measurement of vibration transmitted to the human body by the seat surface, the backrest or the feet to ISO 2631 

Whole-body vibrations are caused by vibrations or shocks which are transmitted by machines and vehicles in the workplace via seat or feet. If a person is exposed to strong whole-body vibrations, safety and health are endangered and it is proven that backache can be provoked or aggravated.
The "vibration directive” (directive 2002/44/EC) defines minimum requirements for the protection against risks arising from whole-body vibrations.
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