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Instrumentation & Solution Services

A-Tech Instruments offers services for the integration of Sensors, Instrumentation, Data Acquisition and Controllers. We manufacture cable harnesses, signal interfaces, customized instrumentation and provide complete integrated test and measurement systems.
Engineering of Applications
Application Profiling
A-Tech Instruments’ technically capable staff evaluate client needs on an application by application basis. After our Team of Engineers and Technologists, have an understanding of the application, they consider the various technologies that are available, identifying the best solution that A-Tech Instruments can provide.
Providing Technical Solutions
A-Tech Instruments documents the Application in confidence and provides the resources to support these projects from the vast knowledge of our Engineers and our Manufacturers Technical Support Staff. The recommended Measurement Techniques are based on years of knowledge and experience, as well as the knowledge and experience of our business partners. The identity of our clients is held confidential unless needed in the design review process for each application.
Identifying the key factors in the Application Engineering Process
Whether your motivation is having precision measurement equipment, cost effective components or a complete measurement system, a range of solutions can be considered and offered as options. The options may be as basic as OEM components, interconnection cable assemblies, programming services, commissioning at your facility, staff training, etc. through to "Turn Key" solutions. We strive to involve our clients through the entire process of component selection, feature / benefit identification and the implementation process.
Costing Details
The breakdown of System Components, Engineering Services and Technical Assistance are detailed, providing visibility of the products and/or services offered and their related value.
Integrated Solutions
Customized Measurement Solutions are available for a wide range of applications. Application Engineers will work with our manufacturers to either utilize a combination of existing products or develop custom products based on the vast range of technologies we have available to provide application specific measurement solutions. We can develop application specific circuitry, instrumentation and Interface Connection Panels.
The range of Integrated Systems range from Production Floor Quality Assurance Systems, Product Development Test Benches, Automotive and Aircraft Simulation and Control Systems, Structural and Endurance Test Rig Load Control Systems, Vehicle and Flight Test Systems, Climatic and Boundary Wind Tunnel Scanning Systems, Engine and Dynamometer Data Acquisition and Control Systems.
Integration, Commissioning and Training
Peripheral Component Cable and Connection Panel Fabrication
Peripheral Component Fabrication of Interconnecting Cable Assemblies and Equipment Interface Panels are designed to interconnect measurement devices with signal processors and data acquisition hardware as well as network with PLC systems and PC LANs.
Education and Investigative Tools and Services
Investigative Tools for Development Studies of Measurement Techniques, Proto-type systems and / or small test runs for Press Force, Gauging, Leak Testing, Vibration Surveys, etc. are available. These consulting services are evaluated on a case by case basis and performed in co-operation with our clients and business partners. In some cases we will partner with a 3rd party that facilitates the mechanical needs of the investigative process.
Custom Software Applications
Custom Software Applications for Operator Interfaces, Data Collection, Process Control, Acceptance Test Procedures, Product Certification, Post Data Analysis and Report Generation, are available. These services provide an extensive range of possible solutions, for the various Industries, Educational Institutions and Research facilities.
We can provide technical support staff for the commissioning of the equipment as well as assist in the integrating of the systems we develop and supply. Our Technical Staff collectively have over 100 years of experience in assisting in the implementation of a wide variety of applications. These industries include Nuclear / Power Generation, Automotive, Aerospace, Rail, Naval, BioMechanics, and Process.
Training is available for Controllers, Instrumentation, Data Acquisition and Controls for both Hardware and Software. These services include Custom Instruction Manuals, Web-support Sessions, Maintenance Manuals and Practical Process Evaluation, that is offered at our Scarborough Facility or, for your convenience On-Site at the place of integration or final use.
Support Services
Technical support is available via telephone, email, or web-sessions, as well as at your facility, for integration, commissioning, troubleshooting, re-calibration or maintenance evaluation of equipment, as needed. Using our Resources and Expertise, our Dedicated Service Team can assist you in the process of implementing and maintaining your investment in our measurement equipment.
Inventory of Standard Products
We have a range of displacement sensors for quick delivery, that include LVDT’s, Linear and Rotary Potentiometer, Draw Wire Displacement Sensors, Lasers, Eddy Current, Capacitive, Magneto-Resistive, Ultrasonic Linear Displacement and Gauging Sensors. We offer Pressure Sensors and Transducers, Load Cells, Torque Sensors, Speed Sensors and Accelerometers, that are commonly used in Industry and Research applications.
Signal Conditioning
We offer a wide range Signal Conditioners, Transmitters and Isolators for conditioning Signals and providing analog outputs, current transmitters (4-20ma), digital alarm and/or relay outputs, as well as digital communication such as Profibus, RS-232, RS-485, etc. Signal Conditioning is available for Thermocouples, RTD, Strain Gauge, Vdc, Vac, mA, LVDT, Piezoelectric devices, etc. Other conditioners and converters are available for Serial Communication and Isolation.
Data Acquisition
A wide variety of equipment is available for acquiring or collecting data from various sources, such as Hand Held Data Loggers and Vehicle Data Acquisition Systems, that can accommodate single inputs and multi-channel systems. The range of this equipment can provide Digital Displays, Graphical Displays, Data Storage, Data Processing, Alarming, Report Generation, etc. A select range of Data Acquisition hardware and software can be provided from inventory.
Test Instruments
A range of Calibrators, Simulators and Ohm-meters are available to verify and maintain process measurement equipment calibration and verify measurement integrity.
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