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Biomechanics Instrumentation

A-Tech Instruments Ltd. Has been partnering with the leading Canadian biomechanics research institutions for over 25 years, providing Force Plates, EMG Measurement Systems, 3-D Positioning sytems, as well as applying various sensors and measurement instrumentation solutions.
Multi-Axis Load & Torque Cells
We have the widest selection of quality multi-axis load cells and force transducers. Use our Product Assistant and search by specs such as range, # of axes, body style & accuracy to help you find the right fit for your application.
6-Axis Force Platforms
Wa are the Canadian representative for AMTI, the industry leader of 6-axis Force Platforms for biomechanics research, rehab studies, aerospace testing & more. Use our Application Assistant to search for a platform that fits your specifications.
Wired & Wireless EMG Systems
The name Noraxon is synonomous with EMG and we're proud to represent the industry leader of wired & wireless EMG systems. Learn more about our wearable sensors for movement sciences with added sensor inputs, software for analysis, analog & USB output
3-D & 6 DOF Motion Tracking
There is only one leader in 6-D electromagnetic motion tracking systems and that's Polhemus. We have the research experience in ergonomics, athletics, rehab, flight testing, military simulation & more, thus putting you in a position to succeed.
Instrumented Equipment
Our specific solutions for instrumented walkers, stairways, treadmill and joint shear measurements are properly outfitted with sensors to make your measuring tasks plug and play. Browse our selection and get more info here.
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