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Sensors & Instrumentation for Testing of Materials, Structures, Buildings & Bridges

An extensive number of Sensors and Instrumentation are available to measure a wide range of parameters from the Environment Conditions, the Structural Integrity and the usage.

The sensors include, Wind Speed and Direction, Temperature, Structural Strain, Tensional Force, Deflection & Displacement, Slope, Tilt and Vibration. The Signal Conditioning includes RTD’s, Thermocouples, Quarter, Half and Full Bridge Strain Gauge, Potentiometer, ICP / IEPE, etc. We have the instrumentation for Wind Tunnels, Load Frames, Test Rigs, Buildings, Bridges, Aircraft Landing Strips, etc. The Waterproof Displacement, Force, Strain and Vibration Sensors provide measurement parameters for most field installations. Specialty Sensors are available with High Temperature and Radiation Resistant materials. Building materials and product certification testing parameters can be accommodated with the wide range of sensors and instrumentation.

The modularity of the Data Acquisition Modules allows for single channel, four channel and groups of eight channel systems, up to 4000 parameters. These modules can be distributed over the length of a bridge, rail track, buildings, trains, etc., with up to 500 meters separation without a repeater module. The Weather Stations can monitor the Environment and the structure temperature can be correlated to the Weather conditions. The data from remote locations can be retrieved for analysis, as needed or automatically. Hourly, Daily and Weekly reports can be created to compare the data and the trends.

Building Vibration Measurements & Alarms

Triaxial Vibration Monitor, VM40C, ideal for structural vibration measurement to DIN 4150-3BS7385SN 640312aCirculaire du 23/07/86, Includes high-sensitivity triaxial accelerometer, signal conditioning, monitoring, data recorder and re-chargeable battery.

  • Measurement of primary frequency by continuous FFT
  • Time and event triggered recording for up to 100 000 measurements
  • VM40B with SMS notification and/or Alarm Light, at alarm events
  • Robust aluminum enclosure for autonomous field application (IP67)


Building Vibration Measurement & Monitoring Software

Measurement and evaluation of vibrations in buildings to DIN 4150-3 for the determination of their effects on structures

  • Comparison with limiting values to DIN 4150-3
  • Intuitive Displays and report generation
  • Detection of the main frequency
  • Event Recording of vibration and real-time signals
  • Triggered Message Outputs

Structural Health Monitoring on Bridges, Towers, Structures, etc. - Vibration & Tilt Monitoring

The  WiLow AX-3D is a ULP (Ultra-Low-Power) WIFI accelerometer with built-in data logger. The device comes with two measurement range (±2g and ±10g) and provides sampling rates up to 2 KHz. It’s low noise (45 µg/√Hz for the ±2g version), makes it well suited for ground vibration on construction sites, large load bearing and high traffic volume bridges.
Vibration waveform, frequency spectrum (FFT) and Velocity are displayed in real-time on our monitoring software (BeanScape® Wilow® ). The innovative event-trigger measurement mode (S.E.T.) allows it to record vibration when a trigger threshold levels are reached.

The  WiLow HI-INC  is a ULP (Ultra-Low-Power) WIFI inclinometer for tilt/inclination measurement. It comes with two measurement ranges (±15° and 30°) and offers a high level of accuracy ±0.05° standard and ±0.02° optional. This device is suitable for land surveying and bridge monitoring, user can setup alarms notification by email (from our BeanScape® Wilow®) when a threshold level is reached.

Remote access to your monitoring site

Ready for IOT (Internet of things) applications, WiLow® devices integrates MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) data frame, a lightweight and open-source Internet of Things protocol. User can quickly setup an affordable and scalable IOT application. The new Wilow® IOT Gateway comes with 4G connectivity and can be remotely connected to our supervision software BeanScape®.


Wind Tunnel Instrumentation for Aerodynamics & Vibration Monitoring

The We offer sensors and scanners for embedded pressure measurements of Building and Bridge models.  Complete sensor and data acquisition equipment is available for the basic temperature measurements, the more dynamic pressure measurements, through to the higher dynamics of vibration / acceleration.

  Pressure Scanners and Systems


  32/64 Port Miniature Pressure Scanners             Intelligent Pressure Scanner         Multiple Miniature Scanner Interface, up to 8 x 32/64 Port Scanners 


    Multiple Miniature Scanner Interface, up to 8 x 32/64 port scanners         Large Scale Dry Pressure Scanning Systems up to 1024 Channels 


Vibration Sensors and Systems


Miniature & Rugged Sensors                                                               Instrumentation                                                            Data Acquisition Systems

Uni-axial, Tri-axial, Piezo-Electric & Piezo-Resistive                        Single & Multi-Channel Amplifiers / Conditioners                                                                                                                          1, 2, 4, ... 8, 16, 32, 48, ... 128 channels

Material Testing, Product Development and Equipment Certification

Measurement of Force, Torque, Strain, Linear & Angular Displacement, Vibration, Pressure, RPM etc. for various applications including:

  • Environmental Chambers
  • Destructive & Non-Destructive Testing
  • Tribology Cycle Testing
  • Equipment Certification

Strain - Stress Surveys


Displacement, Pressure, Force & Torque Sensors                               Multi-I/O Data Acquisition Hardware & Software     Modular I/O DAS     


USB based Data Acquisition Modules and Data Display and Storage Software 

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