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Measurement & Control Instrumentation

A-Tech Instruments Ltd. is a reputable supplier of Sensors, Transducers, Amplifiers, Signal Conditioners, Indicators, Process Monitoring Equipment, Data Acquisition, Servo Presses and Nut Runners. Quickly narrow your search using filters on the specifications that matters the most to your applications. Feel free to send an online RFQ, email or call us. An experienced Applications Engineer is ready to review your requirements and assist you in choosing the right solution for your application.
Sensors & Transducers
Whether you are looking for a low cost displacement transducer or a fatigue rated precision load cell, A-Tech Instruments Ltd. has the diverse selection of measurement instrumentation to meet your application requirements.
Signal Conditioners, Transmitters & Indicators
Whether you are looking for a DIN rail mounted current loop isolator, LVDT signal conditioner, strain gage amplifier or transmitter, A-Tech Instruments Ltd. provides the instrumentation components necessary to complete a precise measurement chain.
Data Acquisition & Control
The requirements for each measurement application can differ greatly, A-Tech Instruments Ltd. Has the data acquisition system capable of measuring your input signals, with the desired sampling rate, resolution and measurement accuracy required.
Electrical Testing
If you're Resistance Testing application requires Precision, A-Tech Instruments Ltd. has the Ohmmeters, Tranducer Simulators and Calibration Equipment to maintain and certify your operations.
Process Automation
With over 25 years providing Industrial Automation Solutions, we provide integrated solutions to improve your Quality Control.
Digital Indicators & Meters
If you need a heads up display for your process and sensor signals, A-Tech Instruments Ltd. has a variety of solutions from large to small, with analog outputs, dry contacts/limit relays, Serial, profibus and USB interfaces.
Our AC Servo Presses and Nut Runners are equipped with Load/Torque and displacement feedback, setting a new standard process control. The feedback is used for evaluation and quality control, within one controller that can interface with your PLC.
Machine Vision & Smart Cameras
A-Tech provides advanced smart camera and machine vision solutions from Hikrobot. These high-performance cameras offer precise inspection and error-proof inspection for a variety of industries, at a fraction of the cost of the competition.
Biomechanics Instrumentation
A-Tech represents only the leaders in biomedical mesurement instrumentation. Along with our various sensors and measurement instrumentation solutions we supply 6-Axis Force Platforms, EMG Measurement Systems and 3-D Positioning Systems.
Integrated Solutions
A-Tech offers integrated measurement solutions for Press Force Monitoring, Leak Testing, Check Weighers, Motion Capture Systems, as well as Servo Press and Nut Runners with Load/Torque, Distance/Angle, Speed Control.
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