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imc STUDIO, Test and Control Software

As a modular software, imc STUDIO combines many separate tools in a seamless and integrated environment. Within this framework, users can setup tests quickly for basic measurements and create sophisticated test configurations. Ver 2022 released.
imc-STUDIO-Video_600 Truck Testing
imc-STUDIO-Video_600 Truck Testing
imc-STUDIO-Panel for Vehicle Testing
imc Studio Vehicle Testing
imc Studio Aircraft Testing
imc-STUDIO-Setup Strain Gauge Configuration
imc-STUDIO-Automation Programming
imc STUDIO, Test and Control Software
imc Sensors option
  • Hardware configuration and administration
  • Graphical user interface design
  • Visualization and analysis of measured data
  • Efficient trigger logic for Automated Data Acquisition
  • Real-time analysis and results
  • Automated test Sequences & Control options
  • Complete Real-Time Test Automation
  • Project Management file structure
  • Multi-device configurations
  • Integration of real-time simulation
  • Synchronized capture of video and measurement data
Manufacturer:  imc Test & Measurement
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imc STUDIO - Description

As a modular software, imc STUDIO combines many separate tools in a seamless and integrated environment. Within this framework, users are able to both quickly perform basic measurements and create sophisticated test configurations. These may incorporate elements from the graphical user interface, perform manual and automated test control, utilize imc FAMOS analysis sequences and manage complete automation systems.

Configure and measure
With imc STUDIO, you are ready to start your measurement in a few minutes. A clearly organized channel configuration list, extensive sorting and filtering functions, numerous assistants, built-in sensor management and support of TEDS are just some of the useful functions for achieving quick, intuitive system configuration.

Data display and system operation
With just a few mouse clicks, you can design tailor-made user interfaces with the imc STUDIO Panel, and link them to the system’s inputs and outputs. Choose from over 100 predefined instrument templates and elements (widgets) to create your own personal test and measurement interface.

Automating routine tasks
Save time by automating routine measurement processes using imc STUDIO. Use the drag & drop technique to create your own personal test sequence by selecting from a wide variety of functions – such as channel balancing, entering test object data, starting measurements, saving data, running analyses and printing out a report. That's it!

Recording and playback of videos
imc STUDIO Video addresses the increasing demand to combine and synchronize conventional measurement data with video capture. Simply connect a video camera, and imc STUDIO will take care of the rest. Like any measurement channel, the video channel is automatically synchronized, and offers pre- and post-triggering, versatile storage options and a replay function.

Easy test stand automation
Let control of the test environment be an integral part of your measurement application! When testing components, imc STUDIO not only measures the performance of the test object, but also allows you to integrate real-time automation and control for your test station - without programming one line of code. You simply define a state oriented test process and use drag & drop to insert ready-made functions for specifying target values, actuator profiles, control logic and even multi-variable closed-loop control systems.

imc STUDIO - Models & Accessories
imc STUDIO Standard
imc STUDIO Professional
imc STUDIO Developer
imc Sensorsoptional Sensor Database for use with imc Studio for rapid configuration of input channels
imc STUDIO - Downloads
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