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Motion Analysis, 3D Motion Capture / Analysis, Motion Capture & Tracking System

Motion Analysis Corp offers a solution for your needs from the BaSIX for quick and easy animation capture to a classic system using Cortex software for biomechanics, sport performance and engineering.
BaSIX woman run
BaSIX woman run
BaSIX Go, Software
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Kestrel Camera
  • High quality cameras
  • Easy to calibrate and use
  • Calibration tools included as a kit
  • Fast rectification
  • Capture, Analyze & Report in one software package - Cortex
  • Integrated Digital Platform Data Visualization and Capture
  • Integrated Digital EMG Data Visualization and Capture
Manufacturer:  Motion Analysis
Motion Analysis, 3D Motion Capture / Analysis - Description

Motion Analysis 3D motion capture systems provide easy to use comprehensive motion tracking and capture. The systems are used around the world for Animation and Virtual reality, movement analysis, broadcast and industrial applications. The standard system uses passive markers and high-resolution cameras to capture, track and collect motion data. With the Cortex software you can set of visualization tools for constructing precise calibrations, along with intuitive tools that allow you to easily monitor and update the calibration status within seconds. It also offers the highest real-time marker counts. Cortex is capable of solving the skeletons of any structure with any number of segments, including bipeds, quadrupeds, props, and more, including facial animation. All solving data is stored with the marker-set and only requires seconds to adjust for each day’s use once it’s set up. The solving step allows for easy one-step retargeting.

BaSix Go is a lightweight motion capture program that allows you to select your animated character, equip our BaSix active markers, and then stream live animation data directly to your animation package. This can all be done in under a minute, without the use of a mocap suit. While many optical motion capture systems contain features that allow for a range of mocap applications, Basix Go is specifically designed with animation studios, game developers, and previsualization in mind.

BaSix Go simplifies and speeds up the animation and previz process. Setup and calibration of the system are quick, and the software is extremely easy to learn and use.

Introduction to Motion Analysis Cortex Software & Cameras for Sport Performance and Rehabilitation

Motion Analysis, 3D Motion Capture / Analysis - Applications

Animation, game development, previsualization, motion capture, injury identification, kinematics, ...

Baseball and Golf Swing Demonstrations

Baseball Pitching Illustrations

Motion Analysis, 3D Motion Capture / Analysis - Downloads
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