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CANSASfit-HISO-T-8-2L, High Voltage 8 Channel, Measurement Module

The imc CANSAS-HISO8 series allows the safe and precise measurement of temperatures and low voltages at high-voltage common-mode levels of up to 800 V as they occur on batteries, HV components and supply circuits of hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • Isolation: 1000 V (according to safety standard DIN EN 61010)
  • High-voltage-proof special connectors"2L": 2 x LEMO.2P as common socket (4 channels at each 8-pin socket)
  • Per-channel isolated measurement inputs, individual filtering and ADCs
  • Channel individual internal cold junction compensation
  • 24-bit digitization and internal processing CAN-output format selectable: 16-bit or FLOAT (24-bit mantissa)
  • Click mechanism providing both mechanical and electrical coupling
Manufacturer:  imc Meßsysteme GmbH
CANSASfit-HISO-T-8-2L - Description

The CANFT/HISO-T-8-2L supports temperature measurement on 8 channels with thermocouples (type K), which are on a high common mode level or in environments with up to 1000 V voltage:

  • Temperature with thermocouples type K

Equipped with the well established click connector, and can be easily connected to neighbouring imc CANSASfit HISO modules and any other members of the imc CANSASfit family.

CANSASfit-HISO-T-8-2L - Applications
  • Testing in e-mobility environments (e.g., electric and hybrid vehicles)
  • Temperature measurement on high-voltage components of hybrid and electric vehicles, such as batteries, fuel cells and supply systems
  • Environments where personnel safety has to be ensured
CANSASfit-HISO-T-8-2L - Downloads
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