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VM31, Human Vibration Monitor & Graphical Display

Versatile tool for vibration measurement during product development and for health and safety at the workplace.
VM31, Human Vibration Monitor & Graphical Display
VM31, Human Vibration Monitor & Graphical Display
  • Measurement of hand-transmitted vibration to ISO 5349 and ISO/TR 18570
  • Measurements of whole-body vibration to ISO 2631
  • SEAT measurement at driver seats
  • Vibrations on passenger and merchant ships to ISO 20283-5
  • Condition monitoring of rotating machinery in three axes
  • Vibration measurement in vehicles and other vibrating structures
  • USB interface, PC software for measuring point management to MIMOSA convention and measuring data archiving
  • Engilsh, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch languages
Manufacturer:  MMF
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