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ZKXXX(4)-CD300(2), 4 Chn Signal / Sensor Input Termination Box

This metal terminal box is an excellent solution for wiring of field mounted sensors, strain gauges, signal conditioners and instrumentation, providing a quick, reliable and convenient electrical connections.
ZKXXX(4)-CD300(2), Termination Box
ZKXXX(4)-CD300(2), Termination Box
ZK Terminals x4
  • 4 channel of Spring Loaded Terminals
  • Applies continuous pressure on conductors
  • Ideal for Strain Gauge and Vdc inputs
  • 2 x 15 pin DSUB output connectors
Models & Accessories
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ZKXXX(4)-CD300(2) - Models & Accessories
ZKXXX(4)-CD300(2)4 channel Analog Input Spring Loaded Termination Box, from 2x DSUB15
ZKXXX(4)-CV300/CD300(2)-NC304 Chn Analog Input Spring Loaded Termination Box, from 2x DSUB15 or 1x DSUB26
ZKXXX(4)-CD300(2) - Related Products
  • Ideal for Data Acquisition Input / Output extension cables
  • D-SUB pins to D-SUB Socket
  • Low Capacitance provides Bandwidth of 0 Hz up to 10kHz
  • Cable Lengths start at 2.5 ft. up to 50 ft.
These molded cables are terminated with the 15 pin DSUB Socket on one end and a 15 pin - 2 row DSUB connector on the other end with straight through 26AWG conductors.
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