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VM-Body, Whole Body Vibration Measurement Software

Measurement of vibration transmitted to the human body by the seat surface, the backrest or the feet to ISO 2631. This is for use with the triaxial seat pad accelerometer, e.g. Model KS963B100-S
VM-Body Software
VM-Body Software
VM-BODY list
VM-BODY sensors
VM-SHIP Vibration Measurement Software
VM-SHIP Vibration Measurement Kit
  • Measuring duration from 1 minute to 1 day
  • High reliability by user guidance
  • Good / Bad evaluation of the results
  • Report function with Excel export
  • Offline measurement
  • Available as kit: VM-BODY Kit
Manufacturer:  MMF
Tech Note
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VM-Body - Applications


Occupational medicine

VM-BODY is applied for measuring human whole-body vibrations. Whole-body vibrations are caused by vibrations or shocks which are transmitted by machines and vehicles in the workplace via seat or feet. If a person is exposed to strong whole-body vibrations, safety and health are endangered and it is proven that backache can be provoked or aggravated.
The "vibration directive” (directive 2002/44/EC) defines minimum requirements for the protection against risks arising from whole-body vibrations.


The measurement modes are based on the international standard ISO 2631. This standard not only covers whole-body vibrations from a medical view, but also comfort assessments, e.g. for passengers in rail vehicles (trains, underground railway, etc.). Thus, the comfort of a person during the transport can be assessed objectively and according to an internationally accepted method.

Identify causes

As an extra measurement mode, the identification of transmission characteristics of seats (SEAT value) is available in VM-BODY+. For each measurement, the Pro version additionally offers an analysis in frequency domain - for both, the unweighted signal and also with weighting filters. This way, causes (e.g. structural ones) which contribute to the total vibration value most are detected quickly.


Comfort and health assessment

VM-SHIP is used to measure human whole-body vibrations on ships. Whole-body vibrations are caused by vibrations which are transmitted from drives and machines to a person that is standing, sitting or lying down. If the crew is exposed to strong whole-body vibrations, safety and health are endangered. Too strong vibrations also diminish the comfort of the passengers in their cabins.
The international standard ISO 6954 provides guide values for different classes of rooms. Exceeding these guide values may cause complaints. For acceptance inspections, parties can use these guide values or agree on their own values.

Identify causes

VM-SHIP+ additionally offers a frequency analysis of the weighted and unweighted vibration signal. This can help to find the source of vibration.
VM-Body - Models & Accessories
VM-BODYWhole-body human vibration software instrument
VM-BODY+Whole Body Human Vibration Software instrument with analysis
VM-BODY KitWhole Body Human Vibration kit, Sensor, DAS, Software
VM-HAND-BODY Kit OneWhole Body and hand-arm kit for one handle
VM-HAND-BODY Kit TwoWhole Body and hand-arm kit for two handles
VM-SHIPMeasuring System for ship vibration
VM-Body - Downloads
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  • High dynamic range, good resolution
  • Convenient calibration with sensor database
  • Short training period due to modular software concept
  • External messaging via email or radio control system
  • Offline diagnosis with stored measuring data
  • Frequency Range: 0.3 .. 2000 Hz (-3 dB)
  • Input Ranges: ±10000 mV, ±1000 mV, ±100 mV
  • A/D: 16 Bit, 10 kHz / Channel
Input Type
Analog Inputs
Digital Inputs
  • IEPE Output; Nominal 100 mV/g
  • Calibrated Measuring Range; +/-60g
  • Maximum Survival; up to 8000g
  • Linear Frequency Range; 0.5 to 1000Hz
  • Resonant Frequency; >25kHz
  • Residual Noise; < 0.0004g
Voltage Mode (IEPE)
# of Axis
Full Scale
50 g
100 mV/g
Stainless Steel
Seat Pad
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