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Weighing & Automation

Complete 24 bit weighing controllers with built in powerful digital filters, Integrated web server is standard. There are custom firmware versions to support all your weighing applications. Powerful features are configured via the free PC software.

The key to success and in advancement in technology stems from tight integration of multiple components into a single component through miniaturization. This progression promotes for an economical, efficient and proven design.

Traditional weighing automation required multiple numbers of components, electronics, extensive proven experiences combined to form a functional tested solution. We can now offer all this in a small integrated package.

The continued development of the eNod4 Transmitter and Controller devices has provided many benefits for OEM's and System Designers. For example, the addition of the Ethernet IP interface reduces installation / wiring costs, while improving the data communication to the PLC. The eNod4-C has incorporated new filters and a faster processing of the measurement, provide quick response for Check Weighing and Dosing applications in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Cosmetic, etc. Industries.

Typical configurations for weighing automation

Today’s proven solutions requires ease of integration, little or no programming

Our weighing controller now integrates conditioner, inputs/outputs, digital filters, and extensive network and field bus to support optional PLC, or it can operate as a standalone system using PC software or purpose-built HMI. This provides an economical, quick and simple task to implement a working weighing system. Weighing automation requires many modes of operation. We can provide controllers with custom firmware for these modes of weighting.

Weighing Application Made Easy – weighing solutions simplified for machine builders/OEM market and integrators

General purpose weight controller

All the Scaime series weight controllers regardless of firmware versions share these characteristics:

They can support Up to 8 strain gage load cells, built in Programmable low-pass, notch and self-adaptative digital filters optimization by FFT analysis. These powerful controllers are built using 24 bits, 4Khz sampling and can transmit up to 1000 measurement per second. Additional built-in features such as Cable break detection, Integrated web server are standard. All these features are available to be configured via the free PC software.

Optional features such as Modbus-TCP, EtherNet/IP, ProfiNET, EtherCAT, CANopen, additional I/O, eNodTouch (HMI) are available.


This weighing controller incorporates firmware to optimized Static or dynamic check weighing applications. It encompasses features like Dynamic zero functions, Statistical functions, Ejection Management after check weighing, Target weight and tolerances management. The digital outputs are programmed for ejection and management for delay and activation time, and up to five results between the weighing and ejection location.

EtherNet/IP , Profinet, fieldbus are available to simplified PLC integration.

Dosing by batch and Dosing by unloading

In the Filling mode, the controller is configurable in weigh level as starting cycle condition and adjustable measurement neutralization time at each step of the dosing cycle.

This Dosing controller in Unload function is capable of control 1,2 to 3 filling feeds. It has the capability of performing Emptying management (or ejection) in manual or automatic mode. Additional features include Filling tolerance control, Automatic or fixed in-flight correction, Automatic or manual start cycle with Tare presence control.

Belt weighing, Belt weigh feeding

This version of the controller supports the management of Target flow rate and Target total. The flow rate regulation is performed by a built-in PID controller with control on belt speed or material supply. Additional Loading cycle management with the target on total and inflight correction

Continuous feeding

This controller incorporates Flow rate calculation by loss-in-weight and continuous weight totalizing. The flow rate regulation is performed by a built-in PID controller. Loading cycle management with the target on the total and inflight correction. EtherNet/IP Fieldbus optional for simplified PLC integration.

Free eNodView software with controller purchase

Menu driven graphical software used for configuration of weight controllers

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